Cranberries were found growing wild on this property.  Sandhill Cranes and other diverse wildlife are also native to this landscape.

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​​The name Cranberry came about because the blossom resembles the head of a Sandhill Crane!

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Glacial Lake Cranberries offers tours to those who stay at The Stone Cottage or at Le Chateau - The Manor Bed & Breakfast.

The property now known as Glacial Lake Cranberries, Inc. has been producing cranberries since 1873.  The 6,000 acres of property is located in central Wisconsin, about 15 miles west of Wisconsin Rapids on the north shore of old Glacial Lake Wisconsin.  This lake disappeared thousands of years ago and left behind some of the finest wetlands in the state.  The high water table, available sand, and acid soil conditions make the area conducive to cultivating North America’s native red fruit – Vaccinium macrocarpon - the cranberry.